Map Area: The Map Area shows the States of Utah and Idaho along with the image Tiles, in Yellow and City Municipalities in Blue. You can zoom in or out of the map by using the "+" and "-" buttons in the top left corner of the map area, alternatively you can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out. Clicking and holding your Primary mouse button [Normally the left button] on the map area allows you to drag the map center to a new location.

Selecting Tiles: Tiles can be selected simply by clicking them which highlights them in Blue. Additional Tiles are selected simply by clicking on them. Clicking an already selected Tile will de-select it and remove it from your request. To clear all selected Tiles simply click the "Clear Selection" button to the right of the Map Area.

Submitting Your Request: Once you have selected your Tiles you can click the "Submit Request" button to the right of the Map Area. A dialog will be displayed where you can enter your contact information and any special requests or comments before clicking "Submit Request".

Map Area Layers: Map Area layers such as the Base map, Tiles and City Municipalities can be adjusted or removed from the display area by clicking the layer name to the right and adjusting their properties.

Contact Information: If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at (801) 487-3273 or email us at

Regional Aerial Imagery Program - Tile Ordering
Number of tiles selected : 0
Select the green tiles from the map area that you are interested in acquiring and then click the "Submit Request" button above to submit your request to the Aero Graphics sales team.
Additional help is available here.
Basemap layer type:
Click on layer nodes below to change their properties.
  • Base map layer
  • Layer group
    • Tiles layer
    • Municipalities layer
    • Counties layer
    • States layer